Twist The Cap

by Will Miles



‘Twist the Cap’ gets busy right out the gate with a ‘Think” break and some heavy handed bongos. Shortly after, some mutated hoovers that sound like a swarm of angry hornets lets you know the deal right before the dubwise sample to “Take Heed My Brother” as a thunderous bassline comes stepping in all over the subs in your system. This one equals instant bass-face to anyone within several hundred yards. Sorry about that drink you just spilled on your girls shoes. Dont worry, ‘Twist the Cap’ on another.
On ‘Lite Life’, sci-fi organ stabs give way to headlong Amens as the soulful “Ohhh” lets you know how good things are with that sub-line mirroring the organ. Will Miles has this one packed with energy for the dancefloor and lets up just enough for you to catch a breath before getting back to work again. Another smokin pair or riddims from the veteran producer from VA. ELM Imprint thanks you for sharing and spreading the word about our sound - BIG TINGS IN 2016


released April 11, 2016



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